Has anyone used BoxedDeal.com?

Found 22nd May 2008
They have a deal for 12+1months Xbox Live Codes for £23.50!

Cheap as chips.

Just wondering if anyone else has actually used them and could provide some feedback.
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Just bought this, works perfectly. I have a UK (PAL) xbox 360, with a UK registered gamertag and now have 13months subscription. One thing i wasnt expecting was the code was sent as a message via xbox live rather than in e-mail. not a problem though. The customer support was excellent, very helpful over a live-chat system on their website. I was originally sent the code with a slight typo, but they immediately corrected it when i mentioned it, just thought i'd add that incase the same happened to any of you and you got worried. all in all a great deal. :thumbsup:
Have also used them having seen this offer. All went through fine and they called about half an hour later to confirm my details. I used paypal but didn't want to offer up my gamertag and he was happy to email.

Great service and with the $5 off code it was approx £21 all in !!:thumbsup:
whats the $5 off code???:thumbsup:
Last three posters with less then 5 posts..


Or am I just over-reacting?
All the people who have responded, why do you all have the combined total of 4 post ?


Last three posters with less then 5 posts..Suspicious?Or am I just … Last three posters with less then 5 posts..Suspicious?Or am I just over-reacting?

Hmmm :whistling:
dont know im new

just tryin to find out if this is any good,looks a crackin deal
worked for me about a hour ago
they must be a one man band my order was number 900 odd
just done this it was easy no problem

phoned to verify me gave me the code in chat and i recieved an email paypal recipt with scan of the code of the subscription card
I live in Liverpool, England.
I have used this for the first time and it works perfectly.
They rang me a couple of hours after the online order and checked a couple of my details. My code was then emailed to me a couple of hours later. :-D
I wish I had spotted the $5 off code first though :x

OMG all these newbies....i would be iffy unless someone with more posts replied!
236 posts not enough for u?

236 posts not enough for u?

trouble is you are the only one..

You goto admit, even yourself that this looks iffy, even if it isnt!

Since when do this many new users comment on a post all together??
LOL. seems a bit odd
yer it does

to be fair
Has any1 else used this site to buy the xbox live subscription and what were their experiences?

Used 3 times in the last 3 years, perfect!
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