Posted 20th Nov 2020
Has anyone used
Are they okay, as the website looks a little rustic and some of the prices seem a little too good to be true. Wondered if anyone had any information on them, or experience?
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    On the website it gives an Australian number also. The Blogs are by a Shaun Harringdon and the UK address is an industrial estate. Google Shaun Harringdon - nothing, but there is a Shaun Harrington in Australia who runs a dvd business. Strange! Plus what's that logo, not dis-similar to the 'waving cat' in Chinese takeaways
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    Look fake dvd's according to reviews.
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    Looks like someone is selling pirated DVDs from China via Australia (perhaps). I'd avoid at all costs just out of principle. (edited)
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    If you are unsure of any website its worth checking via
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    Ordered Yellowstone Season 4, arrived yesterday and found the discs are pirate and poor quality.
    Started with disc 1 of 4, looked okay with Yellowstone Discs with imaging on the disc but when played it was Matrix Revolutions, and a poor copy at that. Avoid at all cost!
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    I'm curious about these too. I thought I'd Google Clone Wars Season 7 out of interest, as I'm aware that there's been no DVD release of this final season (only on Disney+). However, this site appears to have a DVD available. Given I've looked at other sites etc, I'm somewhat dubious as to whether it's legit, especially after the comments above!
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