Has anyone used click 2 recycle, mobile phone recycling.

    Hi Everyone.

    Im selling my s6 and click2recycle seem to offer the best price by far, I'm a little wary as i have never heard of them.
    Does anyone have any experience with these guys good or bad?




    I have no experieince but here is the only single review I could find: … I have no experieince but here is the only single review I could find:

    To be honest that's how these places operate generally. You send them your stuff, they then claim it's worth considerably less than they originally offer with suggestions of damage, it being fake, missing accessories etc.

    You then are unhappy with that appraisal and they either have made you agree to their terms that you cannot have the items back or that you have to pay the extortionate fee to have the item return to you. Either way you get screwed over.

    Personally, if it was me selling the phone, I'd try offering it on Gumtree for a cash buyer and check every note (or get them to deposit cash into your bank account while you are present). Failing that sell it to CEX/Game/Cashconverters etc.

    Never had a problem with Mazuma. Tried Music Magpie really bad experience claiming phone damaged etc etc.

    I wouldn't mate.

    Sell it on here, eBay, Gumtree. You'll get a better price.

    I just sold one with Music Magpie and they were great, best price & no issues whatsoever.

    I sent my phone to them only to never hear from them again. My phone was not in working condition so it was not awful however this company stole my property

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. It would APPEAR that some people may be getting the money originally offered, however ours was reduced from £70 to £5. Worse than that, this they claim one email was sent, we had no trace of it, BUT THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICES. IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG THEY WILL NOT TALK TO YOU. Please use someone else. We have had many good experiences from other companies, do not risk using this one.
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