Has anyone used co-operative bank mobile phone insurance ?

Found 22nd Feb 2013
Just wanting to get some reviews on their insurance please before signing up for an account?

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Generally expensive to insure mobile phone or jewellery on a separate policy. Check your contents home insurance company (if you have it) and see if they already include cover.
I have my mobile registered with my coop bank account but have not claimed. I am happy with the bank account thou and have been with them for two years now. For the £13 a month fee i get mobile cover to a value of £500, I get free breakdown cover which includes onwards travel to anywhere in the uk so i dont have to pay for AA/RAC which was costing me £120 per year. Free Travel insurance which covers me on my two hols per year. Also have free key cover which covers your home keys incase of loss. Im sure there more things covered that i cant think of
We've got the packaged account £13pm. Claimed a couple of years ago following a dropped phone. They couldn't fix it so the gave us the money for a new one. Fair price too. Can't remember if there was an excess to pay, but efficient claims process nonetheless.
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