has anyone used electrical

    as above, found a Toshiba TV on this site, much cheaper than anyone else.
    Is it ok to buy from them?


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    [COLOR="DarkOrange"]]Reviews of[/COLOR]There … [COLOR="DarkOrange"]]Reviews of[/COLOR]There are some mixed reviews but the site looks fine to me...

    many thanks, was just going to order a Tv then I read that they are 'as new':x

    I strongly advise people to avoid this company.
    Very Bad Experience - No TV, and they still have my money!

    I checked they had stock of a specific TV, which I duly ordered. Delivery was scheduled a week later.
    On delivery day morning they phoned to say I wouldn't be getting my new TV due to an "unknown mix-up".
    On top of that, their website states that, "no money will be taken from your account/card until we have confirmed your item is ready for dispatch". This wasn't the case for me. They took the money straight away, failed to deliver, and after many phone calls and emails they still have my money!

    If anyone else is in this predicament, the only person that has made any contact with me is Jessica Brindle. Her email address is She has promised a refund, but as yet, nothing. It's now become a point of principal and unless my money is refunded in the next few days, I'm going to claim back the money plus costs via the County Court. I know it's hassle, but if more people did it, this type of company wouldn't survive.

    I've just had a TV delivered from these guys and was really happy - the item was new!

    They even called me twice to ensure delivery was at a convenient time, once when I ordered and then again on the afternoon of delivery. It sounds like some people have had a terrible time but seemed seamless to me.

    I'm also pretty sure they pay tax in the UK!! I'll use them again if they remain the cheapest.
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