Has anyone used fishpond.co.uk to buy items from overseas?

Posted 14th Nov 2013
Seems to sell at decent prices, accepts paypal but I'm a tad suspicious of the site.
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Any site that ask's for an email before even letting you browse the site is one I personally stay clear of.
Yes, I have friends that use it to buy toys that only get released in the states, character toys mainly, curious George for example. They've always been pleased with the service and value for money.
Don't use them. They falsly use sellers and manufacturers images and product descriptions and put them on their website. They claim to sell at low low prices, when in actual fact they can be 2x or 3x more expensive. We have had them breach the copyright law on a number of our products and are currently asking them to be investaged for this.
Please please please don't use them, you only have to look at reviews and you'll see their reputation is poor.
Fishpond is drop shipper website they buy items from ebay amazon sellers and get delivered to their office they ship abroad from there They been using our ebay and amazon shop too to list our products on their website if you check ultimatesalestore on fishpond all products by that name were from our amazon store
it is reliable website any way there is no problem with that website
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