Has anyone used Play.com trade? and is it better than ebay??

The reason I ask is because a year ago i sold a mobile phone thru ebay and recieved payment via paypal and all was good....until....7 months or so later i received an email from paypal who had put my account into minus becuz the card used to pay for the phone was a stolen card!! so that left me without a phone or the money...wot i was wondering is is play.com trade safe for sellers??? as in if sum1 uses a stolen card to pay for my phone will play take the money off me?? sorri i just fdont wanna loose money and a fone agen so i jst wanted to kno if any1 had experience of play trade.

thanks every1


I havn't used play trade but have a look at amazon.co.uk. The money you get when paid pretty much goes straight into your bank account so they wouldnt be able to take that money back off you. The fees can be quite high but no higher than ebay imo. Also it doesnt cost you to list or cancel an item so if you dont sell, you dont pay.

I used play.com trade a few times, you can have it put into your bank account or put it into a play trade account which of course you can spend on play.com.

To have it transferred into your bank it costs a % of your money to put in the account, i find it simple and easy to use and i have no problems with it. Infact you get better prices than you do on Ebay and the likes i find as well.

There are so many threads like these complaining about fees it's a wonder ebay still has a market, but it's easy to see why! Google need to step up and play them at their own game, I have a feeling they're the only ones who could come away with a victory.

Paypal are ridiculous about these things.

How can it possibly be your fault that the card was stolen, it is up to them to do the checks and take the risk surely.

Isn't that what we pay them (through the nose) for!

I've used Playtrade to sell a few second-hand Xbox360 games and it's been straightforward enough, although I've had no disputes (yet) so can't really comment on that. I'd hope that as they're more involved in that part of the proces, there's less scope for that sort of problem, though.

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thanks every1 for all your help u lot r soo cool!!

i've used palytrade and never had any problems but the fees are really high

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oooh ooh just one more question..wot happens in play.com disputes u kno like wen sumtimes ppl say that its not as described? ive tried looking on their website but i wanted to know from REAL ppl not just wot the company says lol.
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