Has anyone used RescueMyCar.com breakdown recovery service???

Found 7th Jan 2010
As above...

They have given me the cheapest breakdown service quote (using Moneysupermarket.com) however, I have never heard of them :-(


Well i would stay clear of them!

barge pole comes to mind

I've been with them the last couple of years and have had them out once whilst on holiday in Ireland ( Have european cover) Fantastic service


What price did you get for what level?

£64 for everything plus 20% quidco

costs quite bit more for eurpean cover but i travel a fair amount so worth it for me

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Might want to look at this before you decide … Might want to look at this before you decide http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews116736.html

Oh my goodness! Well, I surely WON'T be using them now :oops: !

Rescuemycar.com is a division of NCI Vehicle Rescue - a company that I had never heard of when i found them on moneysupermarket!

I have had 2 years cover with them i think it was £40 for everything and the only problems i ever had with them when trying to get help was that they couldn't find my name on their system, but after checking for a bit they found me and came out. I think i called them four times ranging from flat tyres to alternator failure to complete breakdown and i got home every time.

Although i may have been lucky (Not so much in the tyre department!)


I use this lot-


cant fault them ,they uset he same recovery firm as RAC near me. Max 6 call outs per year, my car is 18 years old..... so this is important! lol

Hope this helps someone.
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