Has anyone used sendfromchina.com?

Found 14th Jul 2014
I've bought an item off ebay which states that it was in their UK warehouse with 2 working days delivery... unfortunately the company was out of stock in the UK (how convenient!?) and the item will have to ship from Hong Kong. I'm tracking my parcel on sendfromchina.com and it states the following:

"null We have been notified that your item is being shipped by the retailer; the next scan will appear when we receive this item.
11/07/2014 11:30:30 Shenzhen Departured from SFC warehouse
09/07/2014 23:29:02 Shenzhen Parcel arrived SFC warehouse
09/07/2014 13:42:13 Shenzhen Shipment information sent to SFC"

This is showing the most recent update at the top. This is concerning me... have they even recieved my parcel?

If you've had experience with this company please fill me in with what is happening... I placed my order on the 05/07/2014 as I needed my item by this weekend! Please help?!?!?!
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17track.net is a much better tracking site
SFC is not a Hong Kong based warehouse fulfillment service - tehy are based in Shenzhen which is just over teh borderf from Hong Kong in Mainland China

As to if you will get it by the weekend that will depend on size value and type of shipping used

Normally Hong Kong psot to UK is about one week - post from China is much slower

Is teh item a small low value item that will be sent by regular post or a higher value / bigger item that may be sent by courier

the above tracking information would imply that teh item has left teh SFC warehouse but wether this means it has left China is not clear.

Why not contact the seller on ebay and ask what is happening?

TBH I never trust ebay sellers now who say that item is shipped from UK if teh ebay user name in not registered in the UK and established for some considerable time

Not wanting to spoil things, but if it is coming from China, then you may well find yourself with import duty to pay as well.
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