Has anyone used the company Nabru Furniture?

Posted 25th May 2009
Hey everybody just wondering has anyone used the company Nabru furniture and if you have are the sofas any good?

im looking for a 2 seater with a chaise bit on the side and they would make a perfect one - i just havent ever heard of them and dont know if the sofa would be comfortable or not......

thanks for your help and as usual rep added.........
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Never heard of them, but the site looks genuine.

I guess buying a sofa comes down to budget really. Personally, I'd save up and spend a lot more than the prices on their site. I paid 2 grand for two 2 seater leather sofas 5 years ago - and they're still in great order.

You get what you pay for IMO.
yeah i know its just trying to get a two seater with a built on chaise is dam near impossible i think - they will make one and it looks good but as you say it seems to be a rather cheap price......
Hi Andy,

Did you end up purchasing from them in the end? They've got my ideal couch but I'm not sure about quality.


I have experience of using them , they have a showroom so you can see the products / materials - i think its just outside of n london .
They can set it up for you for a charge and the end result was quite good - would rate them -
hey linz,
No i didnt use them in the end because I had no idea what the stuff would be like so I ended up finding the ideal one for me in DFS, dont like the shop but it had what I wanted so I just went for it - so sorry I cant help
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Yep ive used them last year, very very quick, it all comes flat pack. Took us almost 5hrs to put together a 5 seater corner sofa and found out one piece was wrong. Phoned them up and they sent a replacement out for next day free of charge. Overall very happy with them and super fast as well.
a couple of reviews here. 1 of them questions the quality

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