has anyone used the site www.pickegg.com? before thanks

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Found 16th Feb 2011
im after a ps2 memory cards typed it on google and it came up with this one

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I ordered a lens converter from your about 2 - 3 weeks ago order number 20110315112817905301.
The item is a 49 to 55 mm lens adaptor. The item that i thought i had ordered is a male to male
thread too mount two lenses front to front for macro photography. The item i have is male to female used to mount a filter to a lens. Is there a chance that the order has been picked wrong and could the correct part be sent.

Regards Graham Buckler

I know I wouldn't take the risk: who.is/who…om/

Mixture of Chinese and USA contact details.

If you are looking for a PS2 memory card I am pretty sure i have one I'd be happy to sell, if you don't mind secondhand then if you set up a Wanted thread in FS/FT I'll take photos and put it up there tonight.

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