Has anyone used the website??

    I was doing a search for dvd's for the kids to watch in the car and came accross this website. I was just seeing if anyone has used them before and if so what where they like. The mian thing that's worrying me is that there is no address, not that I can see anyway. They don't come boxed but for £3.99/£4.99 I wouldn't expect them to. Any help on this would be great. Thanx…asp


    them films arent even out yet, so they must be copys?


    LOL, first DVD on offer the not released Wolverine region free for £3.99, they are selling fakes

    dvd9 is a type of pirated film i think , or the type of disk they use to pirate films , something like that anyway , try thai dvd type it in google

    but the definitely pirate copys

    All copies and the Top 5 in that list are only at CAM version at the min so will be pretty rubbish quality. is the best one if you are after these

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    Thanx everyone for you help. I'll have a look at that :thumbsup:
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