Has anyone used their Tesco clubcard points for Hotel vouchers?

Found 7th Apr 2010
I was thinking about converting my points into hotel vouchers but was wondering if you got breakfast with the over night stay or whether they hiked up the price to use more of your vouchers. Please help, as i dont want to waste them cheers in advance
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Call the hotel you want to stay at and ask :thumbsup:
As far a I know, they act pretty much like cash. You book the hotel, on whatever package you want, and pay with the vouchers when you get there.
Yes we used clubcard vouchers for a hotel in Blackpool - the Grand Metropole at the North Pier. We had priced it ourselves but when we phoned the hotel quoting the clubcard offer the didn't have the date we wanted and the date we eventually agreed on the price went up by about £40. We still booked it though because it was worth using the vouchers since they're four times as much anyway. Just beware that they may not have the dates you want when you let them know your using the vouchers. Breakfast was included as well - its just like booking it by paying cash/credit card so you get all the benefits. (except dinner of course!)
i used vouchers for hilton and the would not give the offers and im sure they charged more because it was clubcard

i used vouchers for hilton and the would not give the offers and im sure … i used vouchers for hilton and the would not give the offers and im sure they charged more because it was clubcard

Who booked the room, you or Tescos?
I stayed in a MacDonald Hotel near Chester courtesy of Tesco voucers, had to ring the hotel 'hotline' to book - minimum stay was 2 nights and breakfast was included in this instance. Very nice hotel, that would normally be out of my price range, but more than happy to stay there courtesy of Tesco's.
In Feb we stayed at Weetwood Hall in Leeds, part of the Great British Hotels.

We used £50 worth of CC points for a 2 night stay with Breakfast and had to pay £30 on departure also. So £200 of points and £30 meant we effectively paid £230 for the 2 night break.

The break was available online with Breakfast for the same weekend for around £160 so we were overcharged by about £70 as you can only book against one of their certain rates that is hiked up.

I would be very careful when booking (the GF booked and so didnt really pay much attention) However, in theory we had a 2 night break at a nice hotel for £30 but we were paying well over the odds for it.

Who booked the room, you or Tescos?

booked the room myself,idiots at hilton also made a mistake and charged it to my debit card,took about 3 weeks to sort,ended up they let me keep my vouchers and gave us a free weekend at caladonian in edinburgh,bb and dinner on first night
Thanks everyone for the advice, going to see whats near me first, rep left for all.
want to book at hilton blackpool using tesco vouchers. one single and one twin bedded room in august. which is the best number to ring, hotel or thru tesco clubcard, but dont know the clubcard number for hilton hotels. grateful for any advice.

Looked at Hilton through clubcard just the other day and the minimum was a 2 night stay, which was no good. Also the online Saver deals are much more attractive than the prices they offer to Tesco customers.
booked 3 nights at hilton all paid with vouchers couple of weeks back
I called the hotel directly
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