has anyone used this site before

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Found 7th Apr 2010

a friend of mine was telling me about it, it sells things which could be past the best before date but not the use by date. somethings are still indate ive just been having a quick look and found a few things still in date. im funny when it comes to sell by dates and never keep anything past its date but it seems alot of things on there are ok.

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i wouldnt really buy things out of date, only thing i do is buy a whoopsy from asda now and again lol

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you can buy out of date food online ??

thats what i was thinking lol i think as its only passed the best before date its not classed as out of date as its not used by date. i had a cadbury bar of chocolate before and i ate a piece and for some reason i looked at the date and it said best before march 2010 even though its only just passed and it tasted ok i wouldnt eat the rest.

i have ordered from these before never had any trouble promt delivery , as for being out of date i have never had any off off food and some of the things are seconds like if a cake hasn't been iced all the to the edges , they can't send it to the supermarkets

I will eat someting if its a day or so out of date..

The fact is... food does not become rotten at 12 midnight if thats the date on the packet,

pink-ka -- you sound like my other half... she would not eat it either... but i would.... for example, that product more than likley had a 6 month shelf life, so an extra couple of days on 6 months will make no difference..


Some of the stuff on there is not much cheaper than at the supermarket... ie tin's of soup etc, bottles of pop..



Price each: £0.99
RRP: £1.59
£0.99 each. Tongue tingling sparkling orange fruit drink with sugar and sweeteners.
Best Before: 1 Jan 2010

You can get bottles of fanta for around £1 at Home B's, plus a lot of super markets have them on offer a lot of the time...



Price each: £3.00
RRP: £4.49
That Great Tasting Coca Cola in single serving mini bottles.
Best Before: 1 Mar 2010
Multi-Purchase Discounts
Qty Our Price
1+ £3.00

The Co-op are doing 12, 330ml cans for £3.50 - buy one get one free...

Plus you stil have a fiver delivery on here...
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