Has anyone used

    Hello all, just wondering whether anyone here has used this website to get phone fixed. I notived the screen is available for about £30. Just wondering if this place is realiable with the quality of their repairs and price.

    I dropped my HTC Desire the other night, the screen is shattered. I got it through T-Mobile, it's been about 10 months. Not sure if T-Mobile include this is their warranty.

    I emailed HTC and they said it doesn't. I asked for a rough figure to get it replaced through them. They said I would have to send it off to give me a quote. As a rough guide they said £100. This is not feasible for me.



    I can say turn- on - your mobile (htcrepairs) are a big company and are trusted

    they were on bbc watchdog a couple of months ago fixing iphones

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    Why were they on Watchdog. I received a quote from them for £89 to reapir screen. I received a cheaper quote from another place. They said to let them know if I receiver a lower quote as they might beat it.

    htc there is only 1 word i have to say about htc **** i would rather use the old method of communication smoke signals i have a htc desire 7months old its all it does is reboot for the price you pay for 1 its bad htc should call them in knowing there is a problem with them
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