Has anyone visited Hungary before?

    Hi guys and gals, hoping some of you can help us out.

    My girlfriend is doing her dissertation on 'Tourist Rejuvenation in Hungary' and needs input from people who either live there or have travelled to Hungary in the past 6 years.

    If you fit the description it would be great if you could please complete the short survey below. It will only take a few minutes at most.

    Thanks in advance.


    No, can't say I have but have felt it many times ...



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    Thank you. Much appreciated. If you have family or friends that have also been it would be fantastic if the link could be forwarded.

    thanks again.


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    Nice work people. She's getting some great responses. Fantastic to see people give up some of there free time


    that reminds me......kebab and chips.....

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    done my OH went to budapest for his 40th

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    Thank you so much

    I've been there about a dozen times now. It's a real shame they don't really promote themselves more often. The food is amazing, wine is awesome and they have a very interesting history not to mention friendly people.

    Language is a real barrier but pointing at wine, beer or food is pretty straight forward

    The native hunting dog (Vizsla) is a great, intelligent breed. Vizsla images
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    I loved it there, nightlife was great!
    they could however do us a favour and make the instructions for the underground a little clearer on ticketing!

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    Hoping it's ok to bump this again.. still a few more days before she has to analyse the data.

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    Final bump
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