Has anyone watched TEETH or WANTED in the cinemas yet?

    I watched WANTED yesterday, along with TEETH. Wanted is one wiked film. Can you curve bullets...even the Matrix could not even think of that "curling bullets".

    Teeth is about teeth.....thought it was going to be a horror film, turned about something way different, but something along the line with teeth....I wont spoil it for the rest.

    I would recommend watching WANTED though!


    Yeh, looking forward to seeing wanted. Can't bring myself to watch teeth though!!

    Teeth sounds aweird film and wanted well it hasnt had very good reviews

    I'm going watching wanted on saturday, at the missus request.... she has a thing for Angelina, but then again dont we all?

    I have Teeth on DVD, its a region 1 import, its very schlock horror, if you like Troma stuff you'll like it, if you don't you wont basically :thumbsup:
    Incidentally, its probably cheaper to buy on region 1 DVD than it is to go to the cinema and see it lol.

    Teeth sounds like the silliest idea for a movie ever.

    I have a Cineworld Unlimited pass and in the past week have had a lot of time on my hands so have seen quite a few films...

    Wanted was excellent with some awesome sequences including the car chase and the keyboard incident at the beginnning of the film.

    I went into Teeth sceptical thinking it was going to be awful. I was surprised - there is a story behind it which is semi-believable and the acting in it is a lot better than some other film out there (cough cough The Happening). It is very graphic and due to this has some laugh out loud moments and not one to see if your easily offended. If you go into it thinking it is going to be bad you will come out satisfied. I personally wouldn't spend £6/£7 to go see though. I think there are better films out there. Namely Wanted and The Happening (albiet with some bad acting).
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