Has anyone won any prizes using competitions on HDUK?

    Hi, I log onto HDUK everyday to see what comps I can enter, unfortunately not being the luckiest person in the world I'm still yet to win anything but i keep going in the hope of one day...!

    Has anyone won a comp through HDUK and what did you win?

    Keep the comps comiing and good luck everyone!


    No but when I did used to enter comps I won quite a few times on the BBC radio websites (BBC stations all over the country not just in my area).

    I won a Haribo apron and a bag of sweets from the Haribo Advent Calendar at christmas

    Not exactly the best prizes in the world, but I was pleased non-the-less!

    I won a box of Thorntons choccies in the advent comp!

    :thumbsup:i got a nike tour de france shirt from haribo last year
    also got baby swim pack from huggies

    this week i got a £20 voucher plus a cheque for £20 .. wasnt as much a freebie but i rang olay as i bought a pot of cream and the outer casing was really hard to get off then the little plastic piece was hard to get off so i rang freephone number and told them - also adding i had broken a nail opening the thing - they were very nice about - so 20 voucher to buy pot of cream and 20 cheque for a manicure!!

    No, its not just you i never win anything either

    No winnings, but I got lots of FREE junk mail since then

    did anyone get their vouchers from thorntons re the online advent calender thing - i won loads but havent received any
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