Has anyones receive they items yet from choicesuk?

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Found 6th Jan 2011
I know lots of people on here has order from them recently due to the cheap items on there.We having problems opening the website now, hoped they havent run off with our money. Anyones having any luck?


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I ordered something for 99p and the money has been taken from my account. Not been delivered yet but not overly concerned yet.

Haven't got any problems with their website

I ordered something off them and got it but that was quite a while ago. Hope it turns up soon.

Someone did mention that they would be processing the orders from over Christmas and what we ordered from the 99p deals on the 4th. So given its only the 6th now I would give them a few days to deliver. Especially when delivery will be by second class post unless you paid for a speedier service.

Just got this from their site

Channel Islands despatch (UK orders only): products under the value of … Channel Islands despatch (UK orders only): products under the value of £17.99# are despatched from our Channel Islands distribution centres. Please allow 5 - 7 days for delivery to take place from receiving your despatch confirmation email. UK despatch: domestic orders shipped from our UK offices are sent by either Royal Mail or Parceline Services. Please allow 2 - 7 days for delivery to take place from receiving your despatch confirmation email.

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Thank you for that info. Just i had ordered some items before christmas and i still not receive them yet.

It was me who was told about the warehouse not opening till the 4th January.
The game i order arrived today, but the dvd i ordered is showing a status of 'allocated'.

I phoned them up to chase and was told the dvd comes from a different warehouse, and they are having a stocktake, thus unable to dispatch any good till 10th or 11th January.

I'm giving them till the end if next week, and if not arrived by then will cancel.

I'm sure if they were to only charge your payment card on dispatch like other retailers i.e Amazon, they would get the goods out to you quicker. As far as i see it, they taken money for the goods, so it belongs to me. They have no right in holding it for a week so they can do a stocktake.

I for one certainly won't be ordering from them again.

I got mine today by the way!

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I got mine today by the way!

Glad to hear! Hope mine turn up soon.

I ordered a PS3 controller on the 3rd jan and just recieved today.

Yep I have had two more things from them this week.

I ordered a £3.99 item from them on 22nd December and they haven't arrived yet. It is annoying that they take the money straight away though and won't despatch straight away.

I ordered several items from this site just after Christmas and finally received them on Thursday. It took 2 weeks and 5 days to get it but I do understand the delay (Weather/Christmas/New Years).

i orderd laodsss & loadss for my neaighbour & everything came my neighbours was a couple of days late tho
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