Has anyones young child dislodged a tooth?

Found 21st Dec 2009
For want of a better word, my son kicked (by accident Im told) my 6 year old daughter in the mouth and her front tooth has 'dislodged' and has moved back pointing into her mouth. I have been on phone to emergency dentist and I have to basically wait till tomorrow to see when her own dentist can see her. It doesnt look nice and hurts to touch although she is ok in herself. The emergency dentist said it will probably have to come out even though it is a baby tooth. Just wondered if anyone elses child had done anythin similar and if so what happened, thanks.
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my nephew fell on his front teeth and one had to come out, the other was wiggled staright a bit but wasn't too bad, and settled after a few days or so. he was fortunate he still looked cute with one front tooth!
my five year old nearly knocked out her 2 front bottom teeth with a skipping rope handle, I managed to get her to my own dentist who - in his words 'flicked out the teeth' he told me they were only baby ones and wouldn't have been knocked out of place if they were not nearly ready to come out anyway!
ouch, atleast its a milk tooth
My son banged his tooth while jumping on his bed at 3years old, dentist tried to leave it in but it became brown & had to be pulled. Wasn't really a problem for him as kids adapt so well & his 2nd tooth came in at 5.
My daughter banged her front teeth when she was 4 on a seesaw, gum was swollen and she wouldnt eat for a few days but the tooth settled back in , died and fell out a few months later, dentist suggested calpol to us
She's 6 so they will probably take it out, as usually by now it would be out anyway- if not soon.

My friends daughter 3 at the time, knocked hers wobbly but it has firmed up again.
i had the same thing happen , i moved it back into place as soon as it happened and its fine, that was a couple of weeks ago. hope all is well
she seems better in her self now but still a bit of pain when touch the gum, gonna ring dentist in morning try and get her in as it looks horrible and she cant eat properly.
My 6 year old son fell on his top front teeth a couple of years back...dentist said they could go black but shouldn't fall out....he was really lucky as they only darkened a little....hardly even notices. Hope ur little'ns ok:thumbsup:
my mate did it too and put it back in and its fine now so hope your daughters is OK!:thumbsup:
Pair of pliers job done
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