Has asda stopped free delv codes?

Hi I usually do my shoping online at asda but past few wks have went to tesco however just filled up my basket and went to put in free delv codes and none work. I have tried loads. Anybody know if they have stopped accepting them?


dont know i had same problem this week

Me too! I had loads & all said I had to spend £500!!! Phoned Customer Service, told them the code I got from a baby magazine didn't work :whistling: & they entered one for me! Worth a go!

I've been having the same problem. Even if you do find a code, you'll probably see that you have to call customer services as there is a problem. I've a delivery coming this weekend from Tescos (which in my opinion is not as good as Asda) but then again, I get free Clubpoints or money off my order so it's Asda's loss. They're depriving us of free codes so Tescos is getting my £70 a week instead.


Don't like Tescos as much but would also defect on principle ... trouble is, they don't take Electron Debit card :thinking:
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