Has Ebay got a virus?

    Have been told that the site has a virus, anyone had a look?
    I haven't


    been on it all day no probs here.

    signing in page has changed..


    signing in page has changed..

    yeah noticed that last night.

    Yes, I had a crazy redir site pop-up whilst on eBay which security essentials instantly blocked.

    No I don't have a redir virus, it was on eBay!

    On sunday i had gone ontp ebay and something happened to my computer and i eneded up with some sort of spyware virus - even though i have avg and zon e alarm. After a bit of reasearch it seem loads of people had got it at the same time.

    Was a bloody pain in the backside to remove it. Wonder wahts going on with them

    skusey guff here

    Yep, redirect trick, I then blocked all eBay advert domains from within my router.

    yeah, I had avg tell me something on their page was a trojan! ignored it and carried on buying junk then emailing the seller 5 mins later why I havent received it yet.
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