Has ebay.co.uk changed the search so you can't select a location within X miles of you ?

Found 14th Jul 2014
Trying to buy stuff that's only in my area, clicked on item location down the side and i can't find the option to select within 10, 25, 100 miles etc

is it just me ?
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Same for me
ive just used that option in the app so try that..
I just set the distance as closest first (it says the miles) Cant see any options for a particular distance, havent actually though about that option for ages , so maybe its been gone a while

Edited by: "Denbi" 14th Jul 2014
i only used the option yesterday so im really confused
I works on the android app as the first post said but I can't see the option on desktop ?
Go to More options, scroll down to other options, then go shop locally then max distance x
When on a search page scroll down and look to the left click on "More refinements..."

Once the popup comes up click item location min 10 miles max 200 miles
It's back.
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