Has O2 stopped the free nero coffee for good now?

Posted 20th Jun 2022 (Posted 18 h, 55 m ago)
Hi, sorry if this has already been posted, but i couldn't find anything. Has o2 completely stopped offering the weekly/monthly nero drink? I know it went from weekly then to monthly, but the last voucher said until 19th June, is that it now? Thanks
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    They have started a new partnership with Meerkat Meals for 25% off 7 days a week, perhaps why the O2 offer has come to an end.
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    Yes, that is it. Who knows if they'll pop up with o2 or another network in future, but for now, it's over.
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    Its all about the money now. Ever was.
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    I haven't redeemed or used single Greggs hot drink code and I have access to 3.

    I refuse to.

    RIP Nero (edited)

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    That makes a kind of sense, but given how quickly they go out of stock, it doesn't look like they're short of takers.

    I think with increased costs it became unsustainable for Nero at the rate o2 paid. Now Nero offer a smaller discount elsewhere and o2 still get to offer the free coffee Priority is famous for, without raising their own costs. If enough people complain then it might make them reconsider, but free is free
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    Thanks everyone for clarifying Yes i did see the Meerkats offer too Thanks all
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    It's a loss for Nero I guess as it was one of the most popular rewards.
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