Has Tesco stopped issuing grocery coupons?

Posted 25th Feb 2016
I used to receive perhaps 9 clubcard/Tesco coupons per month but I have received any clubcard coupons for ages. Are others still receiving them?
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No I haven't got a few month either...
Got a few sent with my clubcard statement, coupons to collect points when purchase certain items
Got mine the other week
They say they send them out randomly (they claim it has always been the case but I was "randomly" selected every quarter for about 5 years and haven't had anything for a year now)
Wife got them I didn't. Suppose they have to get that £6bn back from somewhere.
I never got any this time with the club card vouchers
I haven't had any for years
Thought they had stopped issuing them
I also noticed this. I haven't had it for 2 to 3 weeks now. I ended up going to Sainsburys. My son was clever enough to spot some nectar points and we suddenly have £26 worth of vouchers. Don't throw away anything printed out when you get petrol as there might be some triple points there. Also, did anybody notice that you only get 1 clubcard point for every £4 spent. Hard work as there are only two of us!
Didnt get any last time, about 2 weeks back, but did get some money off vouchers a few weeks before.
I still get mine, you can log in to your Tesco clubcard account and see what coupons you should have though?
No physical ones for ages but online i can see new ones on my account
Get mine every 3 months or so
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