Has the amount of Apple fanboys increased on the site after the redesign?

Found 21st Oct 2017
Since the several changes to the hotukdeals site I have notices a general change in the voting patterns in deals. Apple products which would have normally been considered overpriced, have been gaining much more heat despite still being terrible "deals". In contrast Microsoft Surface products have been faced with sharp backlash for being "overpriced" gaining much less heat than they would have a year ago. Just a though, I wondered if anyone else had noticed this?
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I think that probably reflects how the different products have gone in the last year. Apple stuff is now mainstream for people who can afford it, for example at work we get iPhones now (I'm not a fan), they're just seen as a normal phone rather than something massively premium. Completely unscientific, but I also feel that Surface products didn't get the breakthrough that they needed to, there's not as much excitement around them now.
I am an Apple fan, and although they make great products, with brilliant support, I feel they have priced new models too high. I certainly won’t be buying any new Apple products until they drop their prices.
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