Found 4th Sep 2008
I wrote a cheque out to my football club, to pay for signing on fees and subs etc... for £50, the money went out on the 6th June but there want enough funds to cover it so the cheque was backdated so £50 was returned to me, my club rang me up and said the cheque had bounced, so I said ill write another one(but I didnt), 2 days later on the 12th £50 was taken out again with the same cheque serial number and as I had enough funds to cover it I thought it went out of my account which it did, but the club claim not to have received any thing and have checked their statements, I rang my bank up and they confirmed the money has gone out, and are sending me a photocopy of the cheque, but I dont see the point as I know the cheque was written to the right person as they were the ones who told me it had bounced so surely if it goes out again it would go to the same person?

Im not sure what to do? Also is it normal for the cheque to be taken out again without doing anything if it bounced the first time?

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Welcome to HUKD Robinho



Welcome to HUKD Robinho

took me a while to work it out, not being a football fan :lol: funny

Sorry OP can't help you though I don't write cheques that my ass can't cash

Tell them to prove that it hasn't gone to their account. What did they do with the cheque, if it bounced it would've been returned to them I think/


the cheque was re-issued after the first time banks do this on most occasions if it had bounced it would of been returned to you

The copy of the cheque will have important information on it. Like the account number it was paid in to for example. With this copy you can evidence the cheque was paid. I suspect the original cheque was returned refer to drawer please represent, in this case the person you paid would not have had the amount deducted from their account only represented (should show as a being taken out and then paid in again).

Essentially the bank it was paid to will have the funds if the cheque has indeed been paid.

Good Luck with it!!!

Also is it normal for the cheque to be taken out again without doing anything if it bounced the first time?

You will have received a letter advising you the technical reason for non payment of the cheque. If it is refer to drawer, used when the bank believe you will not have the funds in a couple of days, the cheque is returned to the payee, if it is refer to drawer please represent it just goes through the system again, this is only used when the bank believe you will have the funds in a couple of days.
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