Has the cafe nero loyalty card scheme changed?

Found 14th Oct 2013
I used to collect these cards and a friend recently gave me a lot they had collected (they have gone off coffee). A friend said this scheme has now swapped to a credit card type thing and the paper cards are no longer used as there were a lot of fake ones around. Does anyone know if this is correct? Many thanks.
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They still use the paper loyalty card in my local.
thanks for this.I thought so . Do your stamps have numbers on them? Mine are just the plain stamps but I have also read that they come with codes on the stamps now also. I cannot undersand how mine seem to be different, Many thanks
Mine was just stamped with plain stamps no numbers.
yes thanks - not sure what my mate is talking about
I have gone into many Caffe Nero branches. All still stamp paper cards some stores have just plain stamp & some have numbers underneath (I assume they are just branch codes).
The card i have is paper and the different stamps all have numbers on them, which i assume relates to the branch and makes it harder to fake
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