Has the compensation culture in Britain gone too far?

Found 23rd Apr 2010
There was a daft story in the daily record a coupla weeks ago-a guy was complaining that british telecom had sent him a piece of junk mail addressed to "mr itchy bawbag"-there was a picture of him holding the letter with the article.

Thought it was mildly humorous at the time. Now today they run another story-the guy is suing bt for compensation because his "life has been ruined" by people teasing him about it in the street/at work etc-yet if he had never gone to the papers in the first place,nobody would ever have heard the story!

His life is ruined? he cant sleep with worry? how pathetic is this idiot? should thrown the junk mail in the bin like sane people do. And yet,surprise,surprise,his lawyers say he has a "very good case" against bt for hurt feelings.

The world has truly gone mad!
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see i would of thought it was funny, some people have nooooo sense of humour
yes - but if it wasnt for greedy solicitors they wouldnt bother

dont know who is worse - the guy who goes to the tv companies or solicitors

i think it started with so called celebrities e.g the fat baldy one in particular (elton john) suing people for looking at them the wrong way or the like
but bt didnt run the story, maybe he should be suing the papers he got to run the story
he hasn't won yet
maybe the porportionate compensation should be some cotton 'union jack' underpants then
Can you compensate a sense of humour?

Can you compensate a sense of humour?


i think he should be compensated tho. some talc maybe.
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