Has the Fifa 17 gameplay improved since launch?

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Found 6th Jan
Traded my PS4 copy in couple of months ago, has the input lag, passing, shooting or every corner resulting in a headed goal been fixed yet? Is it worth a second try?


Nope, SoccerPhysics on iOS has more gameplay depth than FIFA 17.

Maybe next year...

Cant see it ever changin shame used to love fifa. Pes2017 is 20 quid on psn the now. Really good if only they woukd merge fifa do presentation leave everything else to konami

Hope so! The game has lost its pace and everything else that made it great IMO. I have to play NHL now for my Online Sports gameplay fix. Which is always fast and furious.

its fun to play every now and then, so bored of games atm, no reason to grind out

I enjoy it, play a possession game and mark the free man, all works out fine. It's all scripted of course.

It gets scripted more and more each year, feels like every year you get less control of the gameplay,

Fifa 15 was the last good fifa imo
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