Has Walmart just confirmed the look of the new S3 smartwatch?

    Has Walmart just confirmed the look of the new Samsung S3 smartwatch?

    Wareable listed some leaked images here >‌ Click me

    Walmart then listed five different screen protector covers for the upcoming Samsung Gear S3, and it even included images of the unannounced smartwatch. The protectors are branded ‘iLLumiShield’, and come in a range of variants, including ‘Ultra Clear’, ‘AquaShield’, and ‘Matte Anti-Glare’. showing the watches here link

    which seem a pretty close match Wareable leaked images above.

    Yes, take it with a pinch of salt but from a massive retailer like Walmart, it seems pretty certain and the added bonus they look pretty neat.

    News on the new watch is apparently announced tomorrow in Berlin

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    Looks far better than the apple watch in my opinion
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