Has your child had the swine flu jab?

    My 3 year old has asthma and suffers a lot from colds and flus. So the doctor has advised she gets this new swine flu jab on Friday.

    Just wondering if anyone on here has had their kid vaccinated and was there any side effects?

    Hate taking my kid for a jab, especially some new one thats just came out.


    our 2 year old hasnt been offered it yet-at first I wasnt for it,unproven drug etc,but as time goes on and no horror stories emerge,I am not so sure what I will do when she is offered it. the numbers do seem to be falling every week that are being infected and they say this is because high risk groups are being vaccinated.

    tbh,I just cant decide.

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    i think i'm just gonna go for it with her. I am worried though because its a new drug

    My 5 year old nephew with asthma had his couple of weeks a go, he's perfectly fine.

    Also had mine and feel dandy

    i will be getting my younger daughter done when its available to all. my oldest has had it, cos of suffering with asthma. even if there are side effects of feeling funny for a few days after the injection, its better than the having swine flu.

    No point getting a jab anyway as the Flu has already mutated.
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