Has your leeds tickets come yet?

    Mine havent and im getting worried now!!!!
    SOmeone in work orderd from SoSticketmaster and just found out that there not a genuine company


    I ordered mine through seeTickets. Rang up Friday and got told because of V Festival been so close this year, that has kept them busier and delayed sending Leeds fest tickets out.

    Mine should come today, however would think tomorrow. Check your status of the order???

    I got mine last wednesday so they should be on the way to you shortly I reckon. I got them through see tickets . Hope that helps!

    PS you could always ring them up and ask. They are quite helpful.

    If you ordered them from 'SOS Ticketmaster' then you won't be getting them im affraid judging by whats been said on the web about them.

    Have they changed their name?…asp

    From festival republic:

    Which illegal sites should I look out for?

    Beware of unauthorised ticket agencies including eBay, buying from them can be a lot of trouble - You are likely to pay over the odds for a ticket that will have never existed or might never materialise.

    Most notable of these sites are:
    SOS Ticketmaster (not to be confused withTicketmaster who are the real agent)
    Westminster Events, Get Me Tickets , Splendid Tickets, Herts Box Office
    Click For Tickets, London Ticket Shop,, TicketSolutions,, TicketsUK
    Double 8 Tickets, London Ticket Shop, Ebay,Gumtree, Viagogo, Seatwave, Stubhub,, GetMeTickets,, ,Westminster Events, Splendid Tickets, Sold Out Events, Any Worldwide Events, Tickets Sold Out, Tickets UK, Ticket Solutions, Click for Tickets , Herts Box Office,, Summer Festival, Corporate Box Office, Ticket 4-you, Euro team,,,,showtime,, London Ticket Express
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