Has your local tip got a recycling shop?????

    I am only posting this as many people may not be aware of the recycling at local tips run by the Council. My local has a big shop which employs a few people and uses volunteers to run it. Basically anything USEFUL that people want to throw away is taken to the shop instead, checked if necessary - especially electrical items, and put out in the shop for sale. Prices vary from 10p from bric a brac to £10 for a larger better item in general. Yesterday I picked up 9 pieces of full length laminate skirting board still in the plastic someone had thrown away for £10 - maybe they didn't like the colour after all. Previously I have had books, bit toys, bike and general stuff all for bargain prices. Please ring your local council refuse site and find out if they have such a shop its a growing trend and some councils are donating the sale money to charity. Mine has so much baby equipment and disability equipment that is to cheap compared to other places. May help someone out as after xmas many people will dump unwanted xmas presents as well.


    my local has one, I don't know about bric or brac, but the electrical prices are just laughable.

    Fir example selling old dumped stuff like big back teles for £70 quid etc....they don't stand a chance,

    Not sure that's legal. Does your council actually know/support this recycling shop? <<< something I would seriously checkout

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    Its all part of the recycling issue - with so many councils throughout the uk doing it I cant see it being illegal. Its helping the environment and peoples pockets so its a win win all the way. What would you prefer that everything went to landfill when its still useable?;

    Wouldn't know, wish they had local dumping points for those of us without cars

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    Many councils will make collection services for a fee, unfortunately nothing is for free.


    Many councils will make collection services for a fee, unfortunately … Many councils will make collection services for a fee, unfortunately nothing is for free.

    yeah 50 quid, they can stick that

    We have one in Aylesbury which is excellent for DVDs & CDs, all for 50p. You find some real gems in there, cannot think who would throw them away, I always assume someone has been caught playing away and their, not too pleased, partners decide they no longer deserve half the space on the cd shelf.

    Local tip is very good, but we don't have a shop- what an excellent idea!


    yeah 50 quid, they can stick that

    Really I thought £14 was bad
    back in the day it was free tax on people without cars IMO
    Thank you OP nothing here site is a small one
    might check on the neighboring county's one sometime

    There is a 'Reuse' shop attached to the council tip at Seacroft in Leeds. It's a great place, i always manage to come out with something !

    Not in Norwich but good one just outside Cambridge. Got two garden chairs and a pine chest of drawers for £2 and £10 respectively. Great idea. Can't understand why people don't drop stuff at local charity shop though.

    My local tip has to be the tightest/stingy-ist one,

    I often look for old electronics (PS2s, Original XBoxs, PCs) that have been thrown that i could have use for, but i got a nasty telling off the last time i tried to take something.

    I dont see what the big deal is, im helping the environment by making less go to landfill?

    SwanSea has one. Its pathetic watching the staff jump in the skips soon as they see old laptops etc get put in.

    I make sure to smash up everything I put in the tip. I bin stuff for a reason, I don't think they should be allowed to sell it on.
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