Has your Playstation Network account been hacked lately?

    My PSN got hijacked at the weekend. Sony allowed a fraudster to reassign the account to their email address. The fraudster then transferred funds by PayPal, and took the loot as FIFA tokens. PlayStation emailed me to tell me that the account had been reassigned, but their help lines were closed. They did reinstate the account at first, but when I reported the unauthorised transaction to PayPal (who were amazingly efficient) Sony banned me. Sony appear to now be holding my account to ransom, unless I pay the £120 that the fraudster took. I can't understand why Sony didn't prevent purchases for 24 hours or so after transferring the account, or delete my payment details before transferring, which would have prevented the fraud. If I ever get through to Sony I'll ask, but their lines have been experiencing unexpectedly high call volumes each time I have called. Hence my question, is there a spike in this type of fraud at the moment?


    yes there has been a spike and they lock you out for about 4 weeks as you used paypal

    Only use prepay or psn credit with your psn account. Sony is run by ungrateful assholes who just care about their bank balances. They get hacked regularly and as this is only digital goods they are hardly out of pocket. Sorry about the rant but they seriously need to tighten their customer protection.


    Mine got hacked. Someone created a sub account somehow obtaining my email and password. Once they've created the sub account they removed my personal email. Then they used my own credit to purchase and download F1 2016 which cost £59.99.

    I called to complained and they gave me a refund to my wallet. They restore my email to my account. They couldn't find the details on the download from their system until I gave them the transaction ID. They banned the person who hacked the account and banned their system.

    Mine was hacked last week. Fortunately I hadn't used my sony devices since the widely reported hacking incident years ago at which point I removed all my payment details.

    Make sure you guys activate two step verification to stop this happening. More here

    Mine did a few months ago. They didn't change any details but bought credit to the value of £120 and just left it sitting in my PSN account (from PayPal). Sony sorted it the same day and I was refunded within a week. I've now deleted all payment details from my PSN account and only add them when I want to buy something there and then before deleting them again (which is a ballache but stops me getting stung again).

    Basically, Sony were quick to deal with it and in my favour... Well, in my case.

    No offense to sony but if an account hasn't been used for a very long time then they should flag it for large purchases.

    Mines just been done! £110 taken from PayPal and I can't access my psn. I go to can't remember my password and it doesn't even recognise my email!

    Looked for a contact number for Sony and I here not even open today.

    First point of contact, PayPal. Now watch Sony lock my account! Argh!

    Been two weeks since mine got hacked. took £120 from paypal which paypal refunded within 12 hours, sony terriable tho. Game them all details like email and console serial number. Still nothing back. All i get from the twitter help is "you case is being looked into"

    Sony simply dont care.

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