Has your Quidco ever NOT tracked?

    Just wondering if its ever failed for anyone?
    What happened, did you eventually get what was yours?
    Have you ever bought anything purely because of the cashback you will get back for it?


    yes jackpotjoy for £35 never tracked or tracked at £0 something like that, anyhow i queried it and eventually it tracked and has been received aswell...:thumbsup:

    sure has not tracked maybe about 10 times over the past few yrs

    Send them a note and they'll follow it up and tell you if its allowed xx

    Yeah once or twice, I find topcashback much worse though!

    littlewoods hasnt tracked for me, had to wait over 2 months before i could query it and because i dont have the number you get from the order confirmation screen they wont do anything about it.

    So if you order from littlewoods make sure you make note of that number


    Yeah once or twice, I find topcashback much worse though!

    I've only ever put two purchases through topcashback and the second one failed to track. I raised a query in July and all they seem to do is acknowledge it! Quidco are erratic but I'd say the failure rate is nearer 10% than 50%. :x

    And, never buy anything relying on cashback because there's not much you can do if Quidco (or whoever) fails to pay up. Regard it as a bonus not a reason to buy from a certain retailer.

    Banned won't even let me open a ticket for them

    Sainsburys Insurance, wouldn't let me open a ticket for 60 days and then it expired!!! Emailed Quidco but there was nothing they could do cos it was outside the 60 days (but I couldn't raise the ticket until after 60 days) it was for £40 as well. Really annoying!!

    My love it body shop membership did not track, but I raised a ticket and it was sorted - then body shop purchases have not tracked but they have been sorted.
    My parkdean holiday did not track but I did query it and it has been paid now.
    My sainsburys insurance has tracked (May 09) and I shoud receive in Oct - this is for £51 so I hope it does!

    Yeah usually littlewood trys not to pay... can't be bothered with quidco any more

    yeah had this problem with william hill and also shopto, quidco have now sorted for me after 3 months

    A few dont track
    But raise a ticket and they norm pay out
    Zurich car ins did not track but got both this yesr and last years with raising a ticket.
    Sometimes they screw up i ordered 2 lcd tvs from a deal on here.
    They backed the order a mistake on there site lol.
    But still payed quidco.
    Ive had about £40.00 ish from stuff ive not managed to buy.

    I've had several purchases that didn't track with Quidco but some of them are slowly being paid out....they actually recently paid out for one of my most recent purchases over 2 years ago lol

    Topcashback are worse for chasing up untracked items...I'm still waiting for them to track my hotel stays, so I can split it but it's taking ages.
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