Decided to visit hastings today with the family as I have taken a day off.
    Does anyone know the main places to visit in hastings ? got a small kid too (10 months old) so anything for him would be a plus too.

    Thanks !!


    was gonna say theres a battle place some wher here

    Hastings has a higher class of tramp than anywhere else.

    we went a couple of weeks ago, don't go on the train ride on the seafront, rip off only lasts a couple of mins.
    the cable car type thing up the cliff is good though, nice views. they also have a bluereef if you have the money to spend, little one would like that.

    Original Poster

    thanks everyone.

    dont know where else to go thats aroun 100 miles away max. I am next to Heathrow and we want to enjoy the weather. but dont have much time obviously.

    owens101: Thanks, went on the lift last time and it was quite good.

    Hope the weathers better there it is pouring in Durham hope you enjoy your day

    We stayed at the Haven there last summer with the kids n went into the town for the day.
    We actually managed to just walk into the bluereef while we were there n didnt pay a penny lol.
    Think it was quite expensive for what it is.
    If you haven't been before, there's a big funfair on the front which is good fun 4 the kids (altho can be quite expensive) and there's a crazy golf which was also a laugh.
    You could try going into Haven, there was never anyone on the gate when we were there and then you could enjoy the use of their facilities?

    theres a battle place some wher here

    lol! yeah, one of the most important battles in British history, and it's 'a battle place somewhere here' - never heard it called that before, my history teacher would be spluttering on his toast if he heard it described as that:-D

    Visit the caves while your there they are great for the kids and spooky to boot!!

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    thanks all

    which caves are these ?

    we also went to rye for the day, its a nice pretty old town, lots of independant shops and more importantly for us lots of nice pubs, lol. Camber sands is just a short drive from there too, lovely beach but very blowy when we went. hope the weather holds, forecast is for rain this aft

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    thanks again owens11
    checked the weather and it seems to be stable.


    hasting is a total tip you should go 17 miles down the road to eastbourne
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