Hatchimals on Ebay - are they fake?

Found 23rd Sep 2017
Hi all. I wondered if anyone had any experience/advice regarding Hatchimals on Ebay?

My youngest has his heart set on one for Christmas, but I just don't have £60 for one. While looking around, I saw that there are lots available on Ebay for around £30. As I also have some Nectar points converted to vouchers I got my hopes up.

However, they all seem to be coming from China and a lot of the sellers seem to have just started to sell with only 1 or 2 feedback ratings.

Is it a safe bet to go for one, given thats it's Ebay and I am protected by Paypal etc or am I likely to be falling for a scam or end up with an iffy fake?

Thanks in advance!
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The cheaper ones seem to be coming from China so I probably wouldn't risk it, although I understand as my daughter was pining after them last Christmas. In the end, I bought her a much cheaper second hand one that was already hatched, having explained that I couldn't afford a new one. It's barely been played with so I'm glad I didn't fork out sixty quid!
Got my girls two last year ,they hatched and haven't been touched since

100% will be fake ,avoid
Ours took 2 days to hatch and hasn't been played with once since December 27 2016.

Even if they're fake just buy one and save a bit of money.
Thanks for your replies, I suspect ours may get the same treatment once the novelty has worn off and I just can't justify that kind of expense for something to go in the charity bag.
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