Hate, hate hate the irish x factor twins ... whos with me?

    as above



    Yep. Louie has had something about them from their first audition though so was obvious they would go through. If they make it past the first live show I'll be amazed. In fact, I reckon Louie will lose all his acts before the live shows are half way through, he is terrible at spotting talent.

    You mean VLC?

    I'm with the person who says "more xfactor threads please"

    Can't stand the little t***s

    too cocky

    never seen 2 people i wanted to hit more

    Original Poster


    never seen 2 people i wanted to hit more

    +1 :thumbsup:

    they need chinning



    Oh dear, have I blotted my copy book now ??!! :giggle:


    they need chinning

    a glasgow kiss :lol:

    Original Poster


    I like them...............

    theres another thread for you then :thumbsup:


    Can't stand the little t***s

    +100 Little ****ing ******s


    never seen 2 people i wanted to hit more



    Little boys with big hair :whistling:


    Can't stand the little t***s

    HATE!!! them :x

    I M WITH YOU!!

    they just got put through because they are Irish, but is si unfair for the missed opportunity someone with real talent could have got, and probably gone further in the competition too. These clowns hopefully will be the first out. What I cant stand is when people 'supports' acts like this but then wont buy their records. They let them win then they forget about them.
    They can sing in tune but dont have a unique voice. They have bad attitude, they are arrogant, unprofessional as they messed up several auditions, and so gimmiky. oh please dont get me started!! :evil:

    only got thru because theyre irish

    Hope the wee f****** get booted out next week!

    I thought they were drunk or drugged last week


    they will be the first ones out.

    nearly choked when louie said "I think the public will like them!"

    it wouldnt be so bad if they had any singing talent but they are awful
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