Hate the Crazy Frog??

    FIRE him as far as you can!! I got 68 feet!!…tml >>KILL THE FROG<<


    I got 79 Feet!!!

    hi and welcome to hukd magickc, i cant beat 79feet can only get 71!

    this is quite addictive (or is it just me???!) i've got 92 now!!

    90 is my highest

    Original Poster

    Fire him at about 45 degrees (about 3 quarters of the way up).

    I'm glad I've provided you with so much entertainment. Now we just need to make 40 good songs to knock it out of the charts. Can any of you sing??

    Original Poster

    i got 92 now too!!

    I hat the crazy frog!!! :x :evil:
    CLick on this link to shoot him…rog CLick once to get him off the ladder, and then again to shoot!!! Have fun!!! :P :lol:

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