Hatton Garden Metals is Ace!

    Jewellers offered me £4 a gram on gold atm, until a very kind poster on here told me of their website. I got £6.51 a gram for it then! Was paid by 10am as they received it around 9am after sending special delivery. Great services.

    Today the price has risen to £6.61 a gram giving my dad over £900 for a chain he paid less than £600 for.

    Finally some good luck!! Anyone else had success stories from this company? I would highly recommend them certainly.


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    I don't understand how they can offer so much more than jewellers, especially when Jewellers sell the jewellery for its beauty, not melt it down into gold bars.


    Used them last month got £400+ for a few broken gold chains. Received money very quickly,now i wouldn't use anyone else!!:thumbsup:
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