Hauck wooden highchair

    im looking for a wooden highchair for my LO either in dark brown, red or light oak style
    ive saw the Hauck ones and they look ok they about £50 so if anyone knows of a good wooden one for less than this would be great
    thanks in advance for any help


    i have one almost new but its blue and light wood.. £20
    has only been used for grandson.

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    where is the blue ? is there a link to any websites with it on save u taking a piccy

    sorry was busy with kids!!! give me a minute?

    you can see small amount of colour off the edge of foot thingy and edge of seat but the tray hasnt been used as he has used it only at table. Its only been used on the capet too.
    I think i paid £50 for it as i wanted a solid one to do all the grandkids-but as the situation changed i dont need it now.

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    aww thanks for the piccy but i think there too much blue

    thats fine i thought it may be! im going to list it anyway lol

    im unsure where you are but there are a few on ebay

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    im unsure where you are but there are a few on ebay

    thanks ill take a look later when i have time thanks

    hi i got one from's still unopened in the box-bought too late reallly as lo is now 2.5 and does'nt really need it now. don't want to have to open box and put together so will try to find pics of it online.

    just found it:…jpg

    This chair looks good for children who are too old to tolerate a high-chair but not quite ready for a proper grown-up seat at the table. Its real attraction is that it’s height adjustable so should grow with your child and fit an assortment of tables.

    A modern look in 2 styles: natural or lacquered green. A practical design that evolves as your child grows. Easy to adjust at 3 heights. Rounded backrest dim. 40 x 13cm. Height 75cm, width 40cm, depth 40cm. Stable wooden structure and seat in non-toxic, lacquered MDF.
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    shes only 13mths so i need a propper one with straps and a bar or she will escape heehee thanks tho
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