Have a great St David's day.



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    A dragon ate a daffodil and had to go for a leak?

    I thought it was dandelions that made you wet the bed? :?

    Didn't realise Beckham was that popular in Wales :whistling:

    Why can't we have a dragon on our flag?

    Bore da Taasda ! Bore da Cymry ! St David's Day ! Iechyd da !

    I won't pretend to know how to either write or speak Welsh so any attempted Welsh words or sayings in this post are either from my poor memory, poor translation sites or indeed a poor Google search !

    In any case "Cau dy ben a stedd ar hwn" as I'm going to enlighten you on St David !

    Saint David, or Dewi Sant, as he is known in the Welsh language, is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. During his life, he was the archbishop of Wales, and he was one of many early saints who tried desperately to spread Civility among the pagan Celtic tribes of Wales.
    History has taught us that he failed miserably and that is one reason he is revered by the Welsh peasantry.

    This can also be verified by the fact it took over 500 years for somone in Wales to be able to use a writing implement so as manuscripts of Dewi's life could be recorded.
    Rhigyfarch was his main biographer and he wrote Buchedd Dewi (the life of David) In the 11th century. Gerallt Gymro (Giraldus Cambrensis), also wrote a book about Dewi's early life

    Both sources record that Dewi was a very gentle person who lived a frugal life. It is claimed that he ate mostly herbs and edible flowers - probably watercress and daffodils which were widely used at the time.
    Despite this supposedly meagre diet, it is reported that he was tall and physically strong although it is also recorded he spent a lot of time living in bogs and watering holes.

    Dewi is sometimes known, in Welsh, as 'Dewi Ddyfrwr' (David the Water Drinker) and, indeed, water was an important part of his life - he is said to have drunk nothing else. Sometimes, as a self-imposed penance, he would stand up to his neck in a lake of cold water, reciting Scripture. Little wonder, then, that some authors have seen Dewi as an early Puritan!

    Dewi is said to have been of royal lineage. His father, Sant, was the son of Ceredig, who was prince of Ceredigion, a region in South-West Wales. His mother, Non, was the daughter of a local chieftain. Legend has it that Non was also a niece of King Arthur and that Dewi at some stage had applied to be a Knight of the Round Table but refused on the grounds of his personal cleanliness and the fact the no one understood a word he uttered.

    Dewi was born near Capel Non (Non's chapel) on the South-West Wales coast near the present city of Saint David. We know a little about his early life - he was educated in a monastery called Hen Fynyw, his teacher being Paulinus, a blind monk ! Anyone that's ever been educated by a blind monk will know how hard a time Dewi would have had in the three r's let alone Art and Design.

    He stayed there for some years before going forth with a party of followers on his missionary travels through Wales, where he established several churches. He also travelled to the south and west of England and Cornwall as well as Brittany.
    We know this because of the ample Daffodil fields in these parts although the watercross bogs seem to have virtually disappeared.
    It is also thought he ventured to Ireland but was rejected and driven out by the Shamrock growers fearful that he would steal their livings.

    Two friends of his, Saints Padarn and Teilo, are said to have often accompanied him on his journeys, and they once went together on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to meet the Patriarch.

    He founded a monastery at Glyn Rhosyn (Rose Vale) on the banks of the small river Alun where the cathedral city of St. David stands today. The monastic brotherhood that Dewi founded was very strict, the brothers having to work very hard besides praying and celebrating masses. They had to get up very early in the morning for prayers and afterwards work very hard to help maintain life at the monastery, cultivating the daffodils and watercress and and even pulling the plough.

    Many crafts were followed - flower arrangement, in particular, was very important. The monks had to keep themselves fed as well as the many pilgrims and travellers who needed lodgings. They also had to feed and clothe the poor and needy in their neighbourhood.

    There are many stories regarding Dewi's life. It is said that he once rose a youth called Glynn from death, and milestones during his life were marked by the appearance of springs of water. These events are arguably more apocryphal than factual, but are so well known to Welsh-speaking schoolchildren that it is worth mentioning them here.

    Perhaps the most well-known story regarding Dewi's life is said to have taken place at the Synod of Llanddewi Brefi. They were to decide whether Dewi was to be Archbishop. A great crowd gathered at the synod, and when Dewi stood up to speak, one of the congregation shouted, 'We won't be able to see or hear him'. At that instant the ground rose till everyone could see and hear Dewi. Unsurprisingly, it was decided, very shortly afterwards, that Dewi would be the Archbishop.
    It was however found out afterwards that the cause had been the local giant moles the monks had failed to eradicate.

    It is claimed that Dewi lived for over 100 years, and it is generally accepted that he died in 589. His last words to his followers were in a sermon on the previous Sunday. Rhigyfarch transcribes these as 'Be joyful, and keep your flowers fresh and watered. Do the little things that you have seen me do and heard about but make sure your Mother doesn't see you ! I will walk the path that our fathers have trod before us.'
    'Do the little things' ('Gwnewch y pethau bychain') is today a very well-known phrase in Welsh, and has proved an inspiration to many. On a Tuesday, the first of March, in the year 589, the monastery is said to have been 'filled with angels as Christ received his soul'.

    Dewi's body was buried in the grounds of his own monastery, where the Cathedral of St. David now stands. After his death, his influence spread far and wide - first through Britain, along what was left of the Roman roads, and by sea to Cornwall and Brittany.

    St David's Day, as celebrated today, dates back to 1120, when Dewi was canonised by Pope Callactus the Second, a staunch daffodil and watercress lover, and March 1st was included in the Church calendar. After Dewi's canonisation, many pilgrimages were made to St. David's, and it was reported that two pilgrimages there equalled one to Rome, and three pilgrimages one to Jerusalem. March 1st was celebrated until the Reformation as a holy day. Many churches are dedicated to Dewi, and some to his mother Non.

    The daffodil of course became the Wesh emblem. Watercress is still eaten on Sundays although Lava bread has nowadays taken precedence.

    At the end of 1996, bones were found in St. David's Cathedral which, it was claimed, could be those of Dewi himself. Unfortunately, these were later found to be of "Our Taff" a local "wine enthusiast" and avid daffodil grower.

    Regardless of this, St. David was, and is, a very important figure to the Welsh. Naturally, then, St. David's Day is a time of great celebration in Wales. Societies all over Wales celebrate with special meetings and events. In St. David's Hall, Cardiff, each March 1st, there will be a concert featuring a 1000-member male voice choir, specially formed for the occasion. Male voice choirs are flown to all corners of the globe on St. David's Day, to entertain Welsh communities.

    It is now law in Wales to eat both daffodil and watercress on at least 4 out of 7 days and always on the Holy Day, which is a major reason why free prescriptions are now issued in Wales and the world's largest Indigestion manafacturer operates just outside Swansea.

    Welsh youths also stick by Dewi's teachings and try their upmost to submerge themselves in liquid up to their necks at least every Friday and Saturday night.

    Right there you go folks ! You are now a scholar of the life and times of St David. Go out today and enjoy yourself but most of all, give some thought to those poor Welsh peasants that have upheld the teachings and beliefs of their Patron Saint !

    In the meatime I will "Paid a mallu cachau" and hope the above is read and digested in the spirit it was intended. I love the Welsh ! Diolch yn fawr iawn !

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Cadwch Cymru yn lan. Danfonwch y sbwriel i Loegr![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Dewi Himself !
    Staple diet of every true Welshman
    Typical Welsh Watercress Farmer

    [SIZE="1"]Source and Credit for the inspiration to write the above go to Rhys James Jones,…tml , Sincerely hope he has a sense of humour [/SIZE]

    happy st.davids day to all the welsh people.

    at least your allowed to celebrate your patron saint unlike the English.
    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]Gwisg cenhinen yn dy gap a gwisg hi yn dy galon[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    (Wear a leek in your cap, but also in your heart)

    i'll be drinking to the Welsh tonight!

    My son was due on St Davids day 2yrs ago, so before he was born i had the name Euan David for him, but he was born 23rd Feb so i still stuck to the name David being for St Davids Day.
    Plus i was born in Bangor and we lived at RAF Valley just till i was 2yrs old lol..

    My little story of the day, Happy St Davids Day people

    And [SIZE="6"]Happy Birthday[/SIZE] to me as well :gift:

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    And [SIZE="6"]Happy Birthday[/SIZE] to me as well :gift:

    Have a great day.

    Happy Birthday Dave150 :gift:


    And [SIZE="6"]Happy Birthday[/SIZE] to me as well :gift:

    Happy Birthday Dave, eat your watercress now wont you !!

    Happy Birthday Dave.
    Happy St David's Day all.
    I've read your brilliant account hottoshop - water, flower arranging, monks, daffodils, water cress!!! Excellent stuff. Also you must be a pretty speedy typist.:-D


    Happy Birthday Dave. Happy St David's Day all.I've read your brilliant … Happy Birthday Dave. Happy St David's Day all.I've read your brilliant account hottoshop - water, flower arranging, monks, daffodils, water cress!!! Excellent stuff. Also you must be a pretty speedy typist.:-D

    lol Thanks chesso, I don't expect many had the time to read it as I haven't had many death threats yet :whistling:

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed researching old dewi and finding out what make the Welsh tick !

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    At Bridgend College, catering lecturers and students were making a 5ft (1.5m) Welsh cake for Carwyn Jones AM and had dug a 5ft (1.5m) fire pit outside on which to bake it.

    Elin Griffiths explained: "Our engineering department liaised with Corus to provide metal which could be fabricated for the cooking plate and the woodwork team have made a wooden base on which it can be transported."

    The finished product was broken up at the Celtic Crusaders match by Mr Jones AM and sold off in aid of the Bridgend Samaritans and Porthcawl Counselling Service.

    Self-raising flour: 10lb (4.5Kg)
    Sultanas: 2lb (900g)
    Eggs: 20
    Lard: 2lb (900g)
    Margarine: 2lb (900g)
    Caster sugar: 4lb (1.75Kg)
    Plus baking powder and mixed spice


    At Bridgend College, catering lecturers and students were making a 5ft … At Bridgend College, catering lecturers and students were making a 5ft (1.5m) Welsh cake for Carwyn Jones AM and had dug a 5ft (1.5m) fire pit outside on which to bake it.

    Still no leccy in Wales :roll:

    Had some Welsh cake last week, 1st time since a school trip to Colomendy, very nice

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    Still no leccy in Wales :roll:Had some Welsh cake last week, 1st time … Still no leccy in Wales :roll:Had some Welsh cake last week, 1st time since a school trip to Colomendy, very nice

    Lol - waiting for the Assembly to pay the bill.
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