Have a marvellous Monday

    A Monday Poem
    I do not "work"
    Instead, I "fun"
    I try to goof
    And get things done

    At the same time
    Love what I do
    Do what I love
    And then can you

    Honestly say
    You do not work
    You simply fun
    And do not shirk
    Until it's done

    The object then
    Midst all this strife
    Is not to work
    A day in life

    For if you love
    That which you do
    It is not work
    I am through.
    By Rich Melheim


    Original Poster


    lol Cheer up :-O

    thanks, hope you have a good day to

    Happy Monday to you too !! I'm having my bathroom completely redone, it's being ripped out this afternoon & the new one is being delivered tomorrow (Hopefully !! ) so wont be in a great mood tomorrow not being able to have a bath in the morning !

    Thanks predikuesi :thumbsup:

    I will I don't work Mondays! :thumbsup:
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