Have a power cut since 7am

    Surprise surprise power goes as soon as we get crappy weather!

    House is freezing now!!! Have no gas appliances either :-(.

    Phoned up electric company, they say that they need to bring the diggers in and can't give a definite time when the power will be back.

    Oh well, just have to layer up.


    Which begs the question - how are you on here now?

    mobile phone probably

    Original Poster

    Yup mobile phone... Battery draining fast! Lol.

    I give it another two hours until you all go Mad Max and start battling your neighbours for resources or end up trekking across the desolate snow covered landscape like the movie 'the day after tomorrow' in search of an open wifi access point just to check your Facebook status.

    buy/hire a generator ?


    It's at times like this that I would like to plug my company

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    At least your food will be ok, Just put it outside to stop defrosting, Lol

    Go out, go visit someone with heating?


    Stupid thing about these new gas boilers is you need electric to fire them


    get some students round to start a fire

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    Yay electricity is back... I will survive afterall...
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