Have a terrific Tuesday

    Have a terrific Tuesday even though the weather is bad. It is lashing it down here on Merseyside.


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    thanks off to final uni exam in an hour!!!!

    It is chucking it down here which means day off:-D I love the rain:-D

    It's dry and sunnyish here for the 1st time in about 4 days!! (Cornwall)

    It's pouring down here and has done all night!!!


    thanks off to final uni exam in an hour!!!!

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    Yet another day off for me due to bad weather. just had to have a week off because of minor op, was meant to be going back to work today but the bad weather as put a stop to that.

    I have had to loose so much time because of the bad weather this year, it has made a considerable difference to my income.

    Cant decorate externals of houses, or do roofs in the pouring down of rain. I have soooo much outside work stacking up now i could do with a good summer to keep me going.

    Sorry for sounding such a whinger !


    I don't care about the weather, I won't get to see it - I've got one of my final uni exams today too. Good luck to you Bostonsaint!!!


    Good luck to everyone taking exams today

    Dismal in Birmingham- not as bad as yesterday tho! Typical Bank Hol weather!
    Off to pics with daughter leaving son at home revising for his A levels. Good luck to everyone with exams on the horizon!!:thumbsup:
    Have a nice day y'all!!:-D
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