Have Amazon stop giving partial refunds on warehouse items with damage/missing accessories?

Posted 7th Nov 2016
As above. Always managed to get a partaial refund for missing/damaged items if you keep it, but they are now insisting for me to send it back to them? Anyone else experiencing this?
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maybe done it to many times?
Ive probably bought over 20 items from amazon in the past year. not a single item arrived damaged nor missing.

Sounds like someone's playing with one of those amazon tricks
I ordered an official xbox one controller with charge kit the other week. when it arrived battery wouldn't charge, turned out it was an unofficial battery in the box and looked nothing like one on box picture. refused to replace it as they didn't have a "like for like" item to exchange. had to send it back for a refund. first and last time ordering from warehouse for me. gutted as I only paid £32 for it
you have to ask
People take the mick too much, Thats why.

Always read the description in full of the specific one you are recieveing and the problems with it.
I think they have cracked down on things like this.

I had a return last week - the courier didn't show. They refused to give me an extension on Amazon Prime because I'm still in my free trial. The last partial refund I had was about 3 months ago (due to it being supplied with a euro plug).
I bought a 'new' opened router from warehouse, had someone's custom username and password on it so not new and slightly scratched. It had already been set up. Amazon informed me that due to being a warehouse item i couldn't get money off so I returned. I don't buy from warehouse now either as I would rather get what I pay for.
Would be interested if anyone else hasn't been offered anything.

I bought a monitor which I received yesterday. Supposed to be 'like new'. Came in original box but there was a small scratch on the screen and a small dint on the bezel so had obviously been used.

On chat, told them I don't mind keeping it but would look for some form of partial refund. Was flatly told that isn't possible and to return it and buy another one (not possible since it's a warehouse item!). Tried my luck again later with a different agent and same story. Damn, I'm gonna have to return it - brand new price was only £20 more for a £98 cost to me
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