Have amazon warehouse returns changed recently?

Posted 30th Jan
Have i missed something - Amazon warehouse don't seem to have the 30 days return symbol any longer and have lumped the T&C in with normal T&C.

Rang up to return something that had cracked and they were way more vigilant than normal asking for photos (which is fine.).

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Always use live chat
Used live chat as usual. Just wondered if they've tweaked it.
Amazon customer service has taken a nose dive recently. I never minded the Indian call/live chat centre before, but half the time now I get people who aren't fluent enough in English to understand the issue. Even if you speak to a manager who has some grasp of English, their authorisation levels seem to have been limited and they can't escalate to anyone in the UK.

Shame as Bezos always seemed to get how important the customer service side of it is.
I just returned online and sent back via Royal Mail, no fuss.
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