Have Apps turned anyone else into a cheapskate???

    Before I got an iPod Touch, I played games on a PS3/Wii, where I think of nothing paying £10+ for a game.

    Since I got my iPod Touch, I tend to download the Lite versions of games and apps first to test it out before committing to spend 59p. 59 bloody p! Apple have turned me into a 59p-grabbing stinge-bucket! You can barely buy a choccy bar for 59p...and I'm arguing over whether to spend it on something which will give me hours of entertainment...

    Steve Jobs...what have you done to me?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    He's turned you into a sheep is what he's done! A sheep who spends loads of money on an average sounding overpriced piece of shininess

    I jest but 59p isnt bad I hate on other mobiles where they put a trial of the game on the phone and then when you click continue you find out for the full version of who wants to be a millionaire you will have to pay £5...

    I got an iPod Touch I haven't used yet...still got that free golf game from iTunes.

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    Haha - yeah, Let's's alright is that. I love the way iTunes gave away Lesbian Vampire Killers for free the day after it was voted 2009's worst film...

    Even better. In safari, type in [url][/url], save to desktop and you get free apps each day

    Anyone tried that Dexter game?

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    Yeah - I've used that, and AppSniper and all end up donwloading a load of stuff that's sh1te, just 'cos it's free. My OH laps all that stuff up...the other day she got an app that tests how quickly you can unravel a loo roll...FFS...

    Jailbreak it

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    Not really any need to jailbreak an iPod Touch...there's no network-specific [email protected] that makes me need to do that...
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