Have Been Mis-Sold A PAYG Phone - Where Do I Stand Please?

    Hi all,

    Bought a 3 phone recently from the 3 store loacl to me. The sales assistant told me that for £2 a month i can select upto 8 channels of my choice for unlimited TV viewing. However, now that i have the phone i cannot select 8 channels of my choosing, rather i am given 8 channels by 3 which dont include any that interest me. If i want the other channels i have to pay quite a bit more.

    I dont have any of this written down (yeah yeah, i know) but is there any way i can take the phone back for a refund as without the TV function at the advertised price i dont really want it. I have the receipt and all i have done is opened the box, inserted the sim and charged the phone.

    I cant really find much on the 3 website bar a bit saying that returned phones must have the Sim still sealed in the box, nothing that relates more directly to my problem.

    Any support, documentation, or small print greatly appreciated thanks.


    take it back, from a legal statinpoint I would say you have a fair chance of claiming misrepresentation state that you were induced into the contract on the basis you would have access to 8 channels. Before going in guns blazing check that you have not missed something on the set up and then approach the same sales person who sold it to you.

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    OK, will do that then. Will go Thursday maybe, let you know how it goes.


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    Found this, thought i'd post it in case it helps anyone else:…omp

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    Well i went to the 3 store, and after a four hour (yes, four hours - i.e 240 minutes) confrontation with 3's genuinely helpful staff, ive got my refund.

    If you laid the "Smack down" on the biggest member of staff, you would have got your money back in two hours(yes two hours - i.e 120 minutes) time.

    Well done, it's good to see someone exercising their rights for a change. :thumbsup:

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    I exercised my rights for a record amount of time.:thumbsup:
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